Max is in his late 40s and has been married to Jenny for over 25 years.  Together, they have three kids (ages 20, 16 & 10); which Max says is the best thing he’s done.

Max isn't really into sports - but if it's Sci-Fi (Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, etc.), you'll find he can "hold his own." Max is also an avid outdoorsman, who loves to hike, kayak and enjoy the beauty that is Kentucky.

Max has served as a children’s pastor and executive pastor and is formally trained (B.A., M.A. Wheaton College, MDiv. Asbury Theological Seminary).  He loves kayaking, reading, the Outer Banks, really good movies and music, and he is known to have a pretty bad sweet tooth.  We like him enough that we plan on keeping him for quite a while.