From Max Vanderpool, Lead Pastor

We're now over 10 years old, but we haven't quite hit "puberty" yet. We don’t necessarily offer everything a larger, building-based church might (and we probably won't, even when we DO have a building). Our programming is streamlined and focused, and we work very hard to do what we do well! Generations doesn't have a lot of “baggage” (in-fighting, people not getting along, control issues, etc.) that some churches do. That’s by design, and we plan to keep it that way.

We really try to be a friendly, caring church (even though we have a TON of introverts in our congregation...including me!). Look - I know it’s scary to visit any place new. Face it, there are some really bizarre churches and people out there! I’ve lived in Nicholasville since 1992, and I’ve never met a better group of people than the people at Generations – they consistently make me proud. Browse through our web-site and get a “feel” for what we’re all about.  I think you’ll discover we’re really not all that scary. I like to say we put the "fun" in dysfunction.

Our “doors” are open to people of all backgrounds and at various places on their spiritual journey. Maybe you haven’t had much to do with God or church for a while. That’s okay. Wherever you’ve come from, I think you’ll find Generations is a place to grow, ask serious questions, and come to terms with what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.