A podcast is a regularly distributed audio or media file sent over the Internet through Web feeds and downloaded to either a portable media device or a personal computer. Podcasting allows you to freely subscribe to a program and receive updated content automatically as it is added. You don't have to have an iPod to subscribe to podcasts, just a computer, iTunes and Internet access.

Step One: Install iTunes

iTunes is most frequently used for music files, but it's also designed to receive podcasts. The latest version of iTunes is available on Apple's Web site. iTunes is free and available for both Mac and PC.

Step Two: Subscribe

After you've downloaded iTunes, subscribe to our podcast. Click on the following link: Sermon Audio and iTunes will take you right to our podcast profile. You'll see our podcast preview image at the top of the page and a listing of our most recent message or music titles at the bottom of the page. You can subscribe to the podcast by clicking the "subscribe" button.

Step Three: Download

As soon as you've successfully subscribed, the latest message will automatically begin downloading and you will see the recent messages listed below (but grayed out). Depending on the sermon length, some files might take longer than others to download. After it is complete, you may begin listening to the message.

Step Four: Sync Podcasts to your iPod

To sync podcasts from your iTunes to your iPod, first make sure you have the latest iPod software installed on the iPod. Plug your iPod into your computer and wait for iTunes to open. When iTunes has opened, you should see your iPod listed under "Devices." Click on your iPod, and you will see the landing page on the right. In the middle of your screen it will tell you if your iPod software is up to date. To check if an update is available, click on the "Check for Update" button.


After you have updated your iPod, make sure it is plugged in and listed in iTunes under Devices. If iTunes does not automatically sync the podcasts, click on the Podcasts tab from the landing page of your iPod. Within the Podcast preference window, you may choose to have only certain podcasts synced or select how often they are synced.