Ages 3-5,  10:00 a.m.

Our preschoolers currently meet with our K-5 kids for worship and "big story" time. It is designed for children who will or have turned age 3 by October 1st and who are potty-trained. One of our major goals for preschoolers is to create a place where they are loved and welcomed…and know it!  We want our youngest children to have strong, positive associations with church, and we work very hard to achieve that goal. Preschoolers have their own, separate group time that has activities that are appropriate for their age and development.

ID Tags are issued when you drop your child off, and are used in all areas to match children with their parents.  A little extra time should be allowed prior to the start of the worship gathering in order to complete the ID Tag(s).  We do this, because we love children…and we want to make sure all of our Sunday morning environments are a safe and loving place for them!  We know you do, too!