Worship Gatherings, 10:00 a.m.


We keep our worship service to 60 minutes. During that time, you’ll do things you might expect to do in a church service like sing, pray and listen to a message. But you’ll also likely experience things you might not necessarily associate with church like film clips and comic elements.


Because we believe in teaching less for more, our pastor and Sunday morning presenters work very hard to say only one thing!  Our goal is to present one idea that’s memorable and do-able.  Just one.  And while you might be tempted to think that’s easy to do, we would beg to differ.  We believe it’s easy to load up a service and message with lots and lots of points and ideas.  It’s much easier than you think to fill 60 minutes.  It’s actually much, much harder to prune, cut and focus in such a way that people hear one thing…clearly.  But that’s our goal.


Roughly 3-4 times a year, we plan what we call a “multi-sensory” worship experience.  It’s basically doing children’s ministry for adults.  On multi-sensory mornings, you’ll likely encounter candlelight, lots of atmosphere, and things you can actually see, hear, taste, touch and smell.  Multi-sensory Sundays in the past have included stations and activities.  Some folks are greatly impacted by these types of services, because of the high level of interaction.  (We all learn differently.)  Multi-sensory Sundays are always announced in advance.