What should I wear?

We’re fairly casual. Jeans are a staple on Sunday mornings (and even shorts and sandals are common over the summer months).

What’s a Sunday morning worship service like?

Every Sunday morning Worship Gathering is built around a single point or “bottom line.” Sometimes, we’ll use movie clips or visual images; and sometimes we’ll do things that are interactive (like visiting stations or allowing the congregation to make something). We often use an “extended set” of music (four or five songs in a row) to help people corporately worship (we use guitars, percussion, etc.). There’s usually a message, prayer, and a greeting time (don’t worry, no one will single you out, make you pray or ask to pray for you).

How long does a worship service last?

Our worship gathering lasts 65-70 minutes, and InterGen Worship services tend to last roughly 45-50 minutes.

What kind of church are you? Are you part of a denomination?

We’re an interdenominational church, which is just a fancy way of saying we’re a “mutt.” We do belong to a family of churches that include Church of the Savior (KY) and the Community Church of Greenwood (IN). There are over 30 “Greenwood family” churches in Indiana and Kentucky. Each one is a little different, but together we share a commitment to make disciples and promote local and world missions.