We believe less is more and more is less. Our church programming is streamlined on purpose, not simply because we’re a small church.

We work hard to practice good leadership. We happen to think that people are people and if you treat them right, you won’t have big problems.

That doesn’t mean we don’t encounter problems, because we do. But we won’t ignore an issue or a flaw, just to spare someone’s feelings. We walk our issues out with love and humility (after all, shouldn’t you treat others the way you want to be treated?).

We’re gonna fail sometimes. (Huh?) Although we strive for excellence, we know that pencils have erasers, because people make mistakes. Failing once is entirely okay. Just learn from your mistakes, figure out what you did wrong, and try something new. Better to fail and learn than never try.

We encourage folks to “deal direct.” If you have an issue with someone or if someone has upset or hurt you, go to that person and attempt to work it out. It’s never okay to go to a third party about an offense or hurt. Triangulation must be an invention of the devil. So talk to someone, not about them.

We don’t “have people.” Our pastor doesn’t “have people.” People don’t belong to us, they belong to God. When push comes to shove, we’ll choose what’s best for them over what’s best for Generations. If they need to step down from a critical ministry role (because it’s what’s best for them) or if they feel like it’s time to move on, we’ll thank them, bless them and not load ‘em up with guilt. ‘Nuff said.

We really like to have fun. A LOT of fun. What’s that saying? Life’s hard, and then you die. Life’s too short to get your shorts all in a bunch over stuff (and let’s be honest, most of the stuff is small stuff in the grand scheme of things). Besides, being portable takes a lot of energy and work. So we like to have fun…every week…in most every environment. And we’re pretty sure God doesn’t mind.

We may NOT be the church for YOU. There are different people, personalities and passions out there. And some people may not like our message, our pastor, our service times, our chairs, how we do things, etc. We’re okay with that, because there are a lot of great churches out there. We’re not a church for everyone, and we don’t try to be.

Oh – one last thing. We DESPISE POLITICS, especially in the church. Having an agenda, campaigning for your way, operating in factions, using power and control are all things that don’t belong in God’s family. We don’t tolerate any of it here. So if you’re planning to do some of these things, understand now we will give you the left foot of fellowship right out the door. And we won’t be smiling when we do.

We want people to move toward Jesus, not away from him. We’ll do whatever we can to help you follow him, and we’ll be disappointed when you don’t. But we’ll be the last folks to throw stones at you when you mess up. We’re sinners who need a savior every bit as much as you do, and we haven’t forgotten that.