There are several ways to (better) get to know people who are part of the Generations family:

  • Attend the monthly “Oikos Fellowship Meal” (held the first Sunday of each month).
  • Attend a Newcomer’s/Old Timer’s Night (held throughout the year).
  • Join a “Dinner for 8” group (that runs twice a year).
  • Join a small group (typically launched in September and February).
  • Volunteer to serve in a ministry at Generations.

A word about community. Here’s what we KNOW: going to church is simply not enough to cultivate the kind of relationships and community Jesus clearly had in mind. Think about it – in what other area of your life do you get to know people or form a team by sitting in rows watching people on a stage? We run small groups at Generations, because we believe community is vitally important. Small groups gather regularly in order to connect with others, challenge each other to be more like Jesus Christ, and study the Bible. Groups meet in homes, restaurants and anywhere there’s room! And they’re the best place to meet people and “be known” at Generations.

We typically launch new groups in either February or September. New groups will meet 4-6 times (first) to discover if there is the right mix, chemistry and feel before committing to a longer duration. Most groups will commit to a school year at a time (but also determine an “ending month” as they chart out their life together). We believe the church has a responsibility to provide a structure (or system) that facilitates the formation of real relationships and friendships (what the Bible calls “community”). And we believe every individual (or couple) has a responsibility to join that structure, so that they can, in fact, develop the kinds of relationships that are life-giving and growth-spurring.

While each group may have a different emphasis and a different meeting time and frequency, all groups share two common goals: to encourage the development of friendships and to encourage personal growth.