2020 Changes: COVID-19

Like many central Kentucky churches, COVID-19 has temporarily changed our congregational life and calendar. Some things now happen online. Other things are waiting for a return to “normal.” Many members of our congregation have taken this season to deepen our commitment to the Jessamine County Food Pantry by volunteering there.

In late spring (2020), our church formed a nine-person pandemic response team to address how we would limit the spread of infection and walk out our decisions with compassion, integrity, and a love for neighbor. Sometimes, that has meant suspending in-person worship & gatherings. Across the board, however, it has nearly eliminated the kinds of hospitality (meals, coffee, etc.) that marked our congregational life before the pandemic.

We understand that this change makes it very difficult for anyone looking to get settled into a (new) church. If that’s where YOU find yourself during this crazy season, we’d like to ask you to reach out to our pastor, Max Vanderpool (max@g2c.net), because the “normal” ways to take steps into a congregation (visiting services, getting invited to a meal, etc.) aren’t necessarily happening right now.

We keep our worship service to 60-70 minutes. During that time, you’ll do things you might expect to do in a church service like sing, pray and listen to a message. But you’ll also likely experience things you might not necessarily associate with church like film clips and comic elements.

On the first Sunday of each month, all of our children’s areas close down and join students and adults in the big room for an intergenerational worship experience. We expect wiggles, noise, and everything that comes with it. We also observe Communion toward the end of our InterGen worship services.

Because we believe in teaching less for more, our pastor and Sunday morning presenters work very hard to say only one thing! Our goal is to present one idea that’s memorable and do-able. Just one. And while you might be tempted to think that’s easy to do, we would beg to differ. We believe it’s easy to load up a service and message with lots and lots of points and ideas. It’s much easier than you think to fill 60 minutes. It’s actually much, much harder to prune, cut and focus in such a way that people hear one thing…clearly. But that’s our goal.