Middle & Senior High Students

Middle School & High School Groups meet during the school year on Sunday nights: 5:30-7:30 p.m. It includes: pizza, check-ins, hang time and small group time.

Face it, middle school and high school can be rough. Kids are not exactly kids anymore…but they’re not yet adults. It can be awkward and challenging (of course, we’re talking about how the parents feel!). One of our major goals for our students is to create a context where they feel safe to voice their questions and doubts. Faith is active, dynamic and able to withstand poking and prodding. We want our students to “kick the tires,” so that their confidence about Jesus Christ and the essentials of Christianity can grow strong. We find that parents are encouraged to discover that our leaders believe their job is to point kids in the same direction as mom and dad.

For more Student Ministries/Youth Group information visit their page on Facebook (designed for PARENTS).

Unlike other youth groups, we don’t have our weekly meetings during the summer. That does two things: (1) gives our youth leaders a chance to catch their breath, making it more likely they will serve again, (2) gives us time to plan special outings and trips designed to help relational connections. Students at Generations take a missions trip (IN the USA) once every three years. Our last trip in 2019 was in partnership with AdventureServe Ministries and took students to Eastern Kentucky.